Rotorua's Iconic St Faith's Church closed

St Faith's Church in Rotorua will remain closed following a small puia (geyser) that has erupted outside its doors. The church has fenced off the damaged area but Wally Tangohau of St Faith’s says that they will be looking at continuing the church services on Sunday's.

The damage itself is situated outside of the church and Mr Tangohau says that they are lucky that no one was hurt, or that the puia erupted inside the church itself.

He was made aware of geothermal activity during Easter Weekend, but it wasn’t until this week that they were able to get to see the damage. They church has been closed off to visitors and the general public.

According to Mr Tangohau this has not happened befoe and he has been involved with the church for over 40 years. But it’s something that they are taking seriously.