RSA opens its doors for culinary training

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

A culinary training school in an RSA is a national first. Te Manuka was established with the co-operation of the Aronui Technical Training Centre and the Papakura RSA, to help their students achieve culinary and hospitality skills.

According to Dean Grace, “Te Manuka is a result of a dream, a place for young students who wish to aquire knowledge and learn skills around cooking and food.”

The Master Chefs of Te Manuka School of Culinary Design are not your everyday cooks.  They look to also focus on culinary design, and exotic cooks and cooking styles.

A current student of Aronui, who knows about the struggles in achieving your dreams, praises the concept because the students will benefit in the end.

Suaia Matagi says, “Just giving people second chances and the vision and the life skills that people need to learn to strive to success.”