Ruatoki boy set to take on competitors at National Tennis Tournament

By Wikitōria Day

Te Kani Williams of Ngāi Tūhoe descent has achieved a great amount throughout his tennis career.

He’s the number one ranked player in the New Zealand U16 division and this weekend he will fly off to Christchurch to compete in the national tournament for that age group. 

Williams says, "I played the NZ U14 masters so that's the top eight players in New Zealand. I won that and that's probably the best tournament I’ve ever won."

His love for the game has taken him overseas to compete on the international stage and at one point, he trained on the courts in Spain for two months.

"It was a new surface. I was on clay so I wasn't used to it and I was playing terrible but it’s a learning experience," Williams explains.

It hasn't always been an easy road for Williams. In 2012 he injured his elbow and just last year he broke his arm. Despite this, he remained determined.

He says, "After a year out I came back and played the nationals. Then I won runner up so I guess training and hard work got me there."

His motivation is what has made him so successful. This is what will enable him to reach his full potential.

"My goals are to try and get a scholarship in the States for college and then I want to go pro over there," says Williams.

Te Kani Williams will go into next week's tournament with the hope that he will secure that winning national title.