RWC law changes not yet lucrative for Māori bar owner

By Ripeka Timutimu

Law changes allowing bars to open during the Rugby World Cup matches haven't been lucrative says Māori bar owner Jordan Mills.  He's hoping crowds will pack out the bars as we get to the business end of the tournament.

Mills says, “It's been okay.  Probably a little bit quieter than we thought or hoped, I think with the times of the games 4am, 6am people are staying home to watch.”

But he's a man who sees the glass half full as opposed to half empty and knows things should pick up.  He says,” I think it will get much more popular, people are more interested in the playoff games and the games are getting closer, the All Blacks will have France next so hopefully it will pick up.”

Wellington knows how to throw a party and Courtenay Place has seen its fair share of drama.  But Mills says punters have been well-behaved so far.

“Touch wood we've had no problems so far and a lot of the people are just coming out to enjoy the rugby so it’s been a good test and for our side of things it’s been great,” said Mills.

A natural athlete, Mills is also part of the Wellington Saints basketball team.  But for now his focus is on the rugby, with a few predictions on the cards.

“We definitely gonna beat France by 18-20 points, and we are going to play Australia in the finals, them or Ireland,” added Mills.