Salvation Army strives for a promising Xmas

Every Christmas, the Salvation Army in Yellowknife gives out hundreds of hampers of food and toys to needy families.

However, this year’s toy donations are down and with the shortage of toys donated to the Salavation Army, some may go without.

According to Van Metre, “Usually these tables are completely full and as you can see they are empty or very close to being empty.  At this point, it means that we may not be able to provide a toy for every Christmas hamper we hand out.”

Van Metre says the situation is so dire as many as 60 families may have to go without a toy.

“These hampers for some families are the only means for them to have a Christmas. If I was a child I'd be disappointed, and as a parent as well that would be more disappointing.”

This is the first time this has happened and Van Metre is at a loss to explain why donations have declined. She's calling on the public to help ensure every child gets a special gift.

“We know Christmas isn't far away but we are still in need and you are more than welcome to bring the toys down to the Salvation Army.”