Schools, city closed due to wild QLD weather

QLD rivers are flooding from heavy rainfall - Photo supplied

Rivers are already flooding in areas around southeast Queensland as the tail of Cyclone Debbie hits hard, schools were closed following a late call by government authorities this morning and Brisbane City has been closed since midday (EST).

The public closures were put in place from Agnes Waters to the NSW border and out west (of Queensland) to Nanango following recommendations from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

There are 763 State School closures, 286 Catholic and Independent School Closures, and 584 Early Childhood Education according to the Queensland Government website.

It states, “Every school in rain affected areas is closed and parents should act in the interest of their children’s safety.”

Dana Abraham (Ngāpuhi, Tainui) who lives in Deagon, north of Brisbane CBD said, "The weather is really bad.  It's the worst I've ever seen it! The roads are flooded and most of the schools are closed.  Businesses are closing at midday and both my partner and I were sent home from work.  I couldn't get to work because it was too dangerous and the roads were closed.  My partner Greg got sent home because his workplace was flooded!"

Wayde Medland, who lives in Darra which is south-west of Brisbane's CBD, sent the Online Team a few photos recently from his street showing flash floods.


Authorities warn that the weather will be at its worst this afternoon with very heavy rainfall but is expected to ease by the morning.