Scottish Minister of Education investigates benefits of bilingualism

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Scottish Minister of Education, Michael Russell visited Newton Central School today with the hope of analysing the schools outstanding reputation of bilingual and total immersion learning in Te Reo Māori.

Scottish Minister of Education, Michael Russell says he's ”been talking to university principals” and “I gave a lecture in Dunedin, and generally I’m finding out about the vibrant, exciting country that is here, and particularly the Māori schools here, which I am immensely impressed by.”

He is leading a delegation from the United Kingdom to the International Summit on the Teaching Profession. However he hopes to take back more to his homeland.

“It is building the language again, but its rooting the people in their culture and understanding the culture, not to those who are from the culture but to see the rich diversity and if the language and culture can survive then the country is richer” says Michael.

Principal of Newton School, Hoana Pearson says she “welcomes the Minister and hopes he will learn more about teaching in two languages.”

The Minister will make his way to Wellington tomorrow to begin preparations for the Teachers summit that kicks off on Friday.