Seeing whero? What traffic light move actually means

By Will Trafford

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced the motu is moving to red in the Covid-19 traffic light system following the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant within the community.

The move follows confirmation nine people who tested positive with Omicron in Motueka travelled to Auckland for a wedding attended by 'well over 100 people'.

A fully-vaccinated Air New Zealand employee who staffed the flight the family were on has now also tested positive for Omicron, and has flown five additional flights while infectious.

While the red setting is the most restrictive of the traffic light framework, restrictions are milder than the previous Covid-19 alert system which included national stay at home orders and non-essential business closures.

Restrictions under the red setting of the traffic light system are as follows:

-Mandatory face coverings on public transport, public facilities and in retail environments.

-Compulsory vaccine pass and a maximum of 100 people at events and in gyms and at weddings and tangihanga.

-People should work from home if possible.

-University students must study remotely if they don't hold a vaccine pass.

-Hunting, fishing, swimming and traveling around the motu is permitted at red; outdoor sports events must use vaccine passes or limit attendance to 25 people.