Self-isolation wait nearly over for NZ defence force personnel back from Iraq

By Te Ao - Māori News

A group of NZ defence force personnel, who have been in self-isolation at the Royal New Zealand Air Force Base at Whenuapai since returning from Iraq, are looking forward to returning home to their families.

Two groups, who had been part of the building partner capacity mission in Iraq with the Australian defence force, arrived back in New Zealand recently, where they went immediately into self-isolation.

For members of one group, the wait is over and they will join their families again soon, after last seeing them more than five months ago.

Members of the second group have another week to go before they can move out of self-isolation and join their families.

The NZDF deployment to Camp Taji began in 2015 following a government decision to join the coalition against ISIS. Since then more than 47,000 Iraqi security forces personnel have been trained at Camp Taji by the joint mission.