Severe thunderstorm settles over Wellington

Wellington residents were drenched yesterday afternoon.

The weather came as a shock to Wellingtonians, after experiencing 20 degree heat earlier in the morning.  By mid-afternoon, that had dropped to 11 degrees.

Daniel Corbett from MetService forecasted rain and thunder moving right across the Wairarapa and Wellington area.

He indicated the areas where lightning would likely hit, but Wellington Airport hadn't cancelled any flights at the time, even though it was clear that dark clouds were rolling into the harbour.

Corbett said Wellingtonians will be surprised as they woke up to clear skies in the morning, but would return home after work to grey clouds due to the dramatic change in weather.

MetService issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the Wairarapa, Marlborough and Wellington regions.

Reporter:  Wepiha Te Kanawa