Sexual offenders sentence angers victims’ families

By Harata Brown

Daniel Luke Taylor appeared in court today for sentencing.

He was sentenced on nine charges of indecent assault on young boys and one charge of attempted sexual connection with a boy under 12 years old.

According to Charles Hohaia, spokesman for some of the victims, they are angered by the length of the sentence.

“They are very disappointed, in fact I was sitting next to one of the parents, and one of the first words that came out of his mouth was, What a Joke.”

Taylor was the former chairman of the Kaitaia Business Association.

His lawyer says he has written apology letters to some of the victims.

Regardless, many are still appalled by his actions.

Mr Hohaia says, “you have a person who had a lot of trust and power that he used in an unwise and unprofessional way, and that's had a significant impact on these young boys.”

Daniel Luke Taylor was sentenced to five years and seven months imprisonment, but will be eligible to seek parole after serving two years and 10 months.