The 'SFO won't be calling me up' - Winston Peters

By Tema Hemi

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says donors are entitled to have their donations kept secret in the same way that voters were entitled to have a secret ballot. Peters went live to his personal Facebook page last night to address his voters about the issues pertaining to the NZ First Foundation. 

Peters spoke at parliament today, shedding light on the role of the New Zealand First Foundation which is facing a Serious Fraud Office investigation.

Peters says, "Let me tell you, I'm answering all the questions that I can answer. But I am absolute certain because of my lack of knowledge the SFO won't be calling me up."

The Deputy PM says that the NZ First Foundation was set up by a steering group and duplicated the National Party foundation. Peters says, that he advised that the foundation must be legal.

During parliamentary question time, Peters says:

"We are happy to wait upon an external inquiry that's set up. The lawful inquiry of this country.

"But what we won't do is to have someone who thinks they can get away with making all sorts of live less allegations in this house."

Information leaked to media say that the foundation had received tens of thousands of dollars of donations from the horse racing industry. Many of those particular donations fall below the $15,000 threshold at which the donation must be made public. 

New Zealand First MP Shane Jones says, "Who knows how long this storm will continue to hammer us? But I will say this, the good thing about his live to Facebook is that our voters and the public got to hear the truth from Winston himself."

Peters would not answer any questions about NZ First's donations from the horse racing industry to media and stands by his words that he nor his party have not broken any laws.

"Because I know more about politics than you sunshine, and I know what matters out there. 

"Because people have a fact of trust but you're doing your best to destroy it, but it wont succeed.

"That's the facts so you carry on for as long as you like but your not going to nail Winston Peters with fake news."

Winston Peters live on Facebook. Source - Winston Peters Facebook Page. 

Peters addressed the issue of racing donations on his Facebook live video. When asked if Peters thought his Facebook live was a success he said yes. 

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