Shane Cameron thanks lockdown for launch of new app

By Te Ao - Māori News

Boxer and gym owner Shane 'The Mountain Warrior' Cameron is one of many business owners who has had to adapt to the changes the Covid lockdown has presented.

“We still have to pay rent, and they even charge us for water, which is crazy because nobody is even using the showers.”

Cameron says he prides himself on being a thinking man and, as a result, has made his business lockdown-proof by creating an app for those still wanting to stay fit and active. 

“It’s just an ideal app for people who can’t come to the gym, and it’s got everything they need to achieve their goals.

Cameron attributes the creation of this app to the first lockdown last year.

"You gotta take the good and the bad.

"It wouldn’t have come to fruition if we didn’t have that first lockdown a year and a half ago because it gave me the time I needed to get everything together," he says.