Shane Jones bids farewell to Parliament

By Maiki Sherman

Labour MP Shane Jones delivered his final roar in the lion's den tonight.

The descendant of Te Aupouri and Ngai Takoto has been in Parliament for the past nine years and our political reporter Maiki Sherman spoke to him about the ups and downs of his journey.    

Shane Jones says "I'm in two minds, I'm sad as I've spent nine years here, but also happy given the sun is welcoming me to the Pacific Ocean."

As the sun sets on political life, Shane Jones has almost landed his next big fish, namely, the role of Pacific Economic Ambassador. 

He says his biggest regret is having not secured the Leadership role for his elders, those who encouraged him into Parliament in the hope a Māori would one day lead Labour and become Prime Minister of NZ.    

Since then, Shane Jones has faced a number of his own challenges in political life including the scandal over the purchase of adult movies, as well as the immigration case regarding Bill Liu, all of which he says tests a person's spirit including that of their family.