Shane Jones: Child abuse protectors are ‘social head lice’

By Bronson Perich

Shane Jones condemns child abuse protectors in parliament. Source/Vimeo.

Shane Jones’ used his parliamentary his speaking time to condemn those who refuse to disclose child abuse.

“We call them in the Ngāpuhi country, kutus. They are a type of social head lice!”

Speaking in the house today to explain why NZF refuses to imprison those who disclose child abuse, Jones refused to approve of their actions.

“When children are traumatised, assaulted.

“If you do not speak up, you are cowards!”

Simon Bridges reveals his new policy. Source/File.

This comes in response to National Party leader Simon Bridges’ announcement, that it would be a criminal offense to refuse to reveal child abuse to police. It would be punishable by up to three years in jail.

Jones explained that the right of silence is an ancient doctrine, and that the police already have the resources needed. He then condemned the previous governments’ lack of action in dealing with deportees from Australia, gangs, and the surge in crime due to methamphetamine.

The regional development minister concluded by condemning child abuse as a ‘social disease’.