Shane Jones cleared

The report relates to Jones' decision to grant citizenship to Chinese billionaire,Yong Ming Yan.

Yan was on trial last year on charges relating to false declarations on immigration papers. He was eventually cleared and Shane Jones enjoyed the same outcome today.

After spending nine months in silence this event has indeed taken it’s toll on Jones but this afternoon the report was released and he has been cleared.

He says, “I was heckled and many accusations were levelled at me. As with all accusations,no matter who they're aimed at, they can drive a person crazy.”

The Auditor-General's scrutiny was aimed at whether Shane Jones had done wrong in his decision to grant citizenship to Yong Ming Yan, a man who at the times was red-flagged by Interpol.

According to the report, despite the haste of Shane Jones' decision he has done nothing wrong.

When asked if he would be seeking retribution, Jones replied, “In regards to my colleagues, no. In regards to the officials, I'll be writing to the appropriate Government departments to air my thoughts about them.”

That aside, the question now is whether Yong Ming Yan,also known as Bill Liu, should remain in NZ.

Jones’ says the decision he made at the time was based on in information he had received from an unexperienced source.

So, Shane Jones' name has been cleared for now but he should remain vigilant. If another big debacle occurs again, it may well be a case of three strikes - he's out.