Shane Jones won't return to Parliament with any other party

By Ripeka Timutimu

It's all over for Shane Jones, and any hopes of being the first Māori Prime Minister are out the window.

Just like the small dogfish of Rangaunu in his tribal area of Ngāi Takoto, he's still making waves in Parliament.

It's not a good look for Labour to lose Jones, but David Cunliffe says nobody is indispensable.

"I don't think in any way Shane Jones is aligned to National. That is not a political position. He will not be going to National list or anybody else's list. He has given me that reassurance."

Cue Kelvin Davis. He's no match for Shane Jones in the oratory department, but he can hold his own.

Shane Jones says “This is the time for Matua Shane to step down. I won’t be coming back under the guide of any other party”

So we can only wait and see whether or not Shane Jones was actually jumping from a sinking ship, but for now life just got a whole lot easier for the boy from the North.