Shane Reti's advice for keeping tamariki safe from RSV

By Te Ao - Māori News

The number of children being affected by RSV at this time of year are twice as high as expected compared with the historic average rate (2014-2019). ESR Science for communities data shows hospitalisations of infants is also continuing to increase, over 1.75 cases per 1000 a week, twice the expected rate.

One of Parliament's resident doctors, National MP Dr Shane Reti, has shared helpful words for families with infants and says simple things like keeping warm are going to make all the difference.

"My advice to mums and families, is to go with your instincts," says Reti. "Keep your baby hydrated, do the sensible things."

"I am concerned that the coronavirus vaccine has taken all the oxygen out of the air about vaccines, but please remember your six-week, your three-month, your five-month, all your childhood vaccines, they're absolutely critical. They must continue, please, and they will help you and protect your families." 

"We back you, go with your instincts."