Sharing ideas and showcasing success - Indigenous Business Forum

A delegation of more than 25 countries representing more than 500 indigenous businesses will assemble in Rotorua this year. 

Andrew Carrier of the World Indigenous Business Forum is in New Zealand in preparation for the international conference. 

Acknowledging the land is how Andrew Carrier of Cree First Nations connects with all indigenous peoples.

He says, “The world is no longer small.  We can reach each other globally and that's what we are doing.” 

In October, New Zealand will play host to the World Indigenous Business Forum which has been previously held in New York, Hawaii and Chile. 

Te Ohu Whai Ao spokesperson Richard Tauehe Jefferies told Te Kāea, “What I am seeing is that indigenous businesses everywhere are growing.”

Carrier says, “We need to showcase our successes and work on helping each other from indigenous to indigenous communities.”

Last year there were over 1,100 Māori enterprises.  Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment figures estimate Māori enterprise is worth nearly $40 billion.  Richard Jefferies says this event will enable us to connect and network with our indigenous friends. 

Jefferies says, “Our values are similar as well as the customs so this is another pathway for us.” 

The forum first began in 2010 this will be the first time that it comes to New Zealand and it will be held here at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre.

For more information, check out their website.