Sheridan Bignall returns to netball roots

By Taroi Black

Sheridan Bignall, whose acceptance speech at the Netball Beko League finals went viral online, will play for the Pulse tonight in their match against the Melbourne Vixens.  Her speech was delivered in both Māori and English.

Bignall has returned to coach grassroots netball after a stellar year with her Beko netball regional team, Central.

“She's awesome at coaching us, particularly the defenders,” says player Atareta McClauseland-Durie, “She's good in that department and gives us clear instructions.”

However, it was her acceptance speech after the Beko finals last week that went viral online.

Bignall, (Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Kahungunu) says, “I'm just blown away by how much support people (give), the words that they expressing and the gratitude. It's just humbling to be in this position.”

She became the first elite netball player to deliver a speech in both Māori and English.

“It was really important too, (as) all but one person in our team, were Māori,” says Bignall.

Not long after, she received a surprise call from Pulse coach Tayna Dearns to play against the Melbourne Vixens tonight after one of their star mid-court players, Elias Scheres, was seriously injured.

“I was really stoked and just so humble there's an opportunity for me to be a part of an environment that I’ve been aiming to be in for quite a while,” says Bignall.

The 24-year old mum is also hoping to improve and upskill her reo while bringing up her beautiful son, Owaka.