Shon Key arrested at Pasifika

updated By Heeni Brown

Anti-corruption campaigner Penny Bright wants to know why she was arrested at one of Auckland's biggest festivals. Dressed in the persona of "Shon Key", Bright was arrested at last weekend's Pasifika Festival.

This is a document given to Penny Bright by police, stating the terms of her arrest for trespass at the Pasifika Festival over the weekend.

"At the time of the arrest, what happened was a police constable had put her hand on my arm to forcibly escort me and I just sat down as I wanted to do, I still had my Shon Key mask on holding my speech bubble and I said I'm not going until I get to discuss this with the inspector," says Bright.

For over a year, Penny Bright has been embracing her "Shon Key" persona.

Bright says dressing up Shon Key helps spread her message, "Why I dress up as Shon Key is because it's an effective form of street theatre, political satire, whistle blowing all wrapped up into one."

Police confirm that a 61-year-old woman was arrested for wilful trespass following an incident at the Pasifika Festival and that she was taken to the Auckland City Police station and released with a pre-charge warning.

"I do know my rights, I'm lawfully entitled as a citizen of this country to the freedom of expression under the bill of rights act, I'm entitled to peaceful assembly and I'm entitled not to be unlawfully discriminated against on the basis of political opinion," says Bright.

Bright says she's been arrested more than 40 times in her lifetime and says the latest arrest won't stop her from protesting further.