Shop keeper victim of attack seeks answers

South Auckland shop owners are demanding answers four months on from the brutal beating of Opaheke Superette owners in December. A community meeting was held today in Papakura.

Nanu Patel open's his shop in Papakura daily despite living in fear of a lack of security.

Patel says, “After that, anytime the buzzer goes off, you're scared somebody's going to come in."

Last November Patel and his family were the victims of a brutal attack that left them with severe injuries. Four months on and they don't even know if their attackers are still out there.

"Since it happened, I have to take pressure tablets every day. They didn't even tell me what's going on with the guys who came in and damaged me and my wife and my kids, we've never heard from police since then."

However, Police say they advised Mr. and Mrs. Patel on 28 November 2017 that the offenders in the robbery had been arrested. They also say they've visited the Patels several times after that.

The South Auckland Retail Group and the Papakura community are throwing support behind Patel.

Papakura Marae spokesperson Tony Kake says, "We're just saying no to crime in our shops, support our retailers, they're just doing a job like everyone else."

They say they can no longer rely on the Government and Police and are taking matters into their own hands.

South Auckland Retail Group spokesperson Daijeet Singh Sidhu says, "We attend a lot of meetings, Police meetings, and political events but it keeps getting worse so we want to do something different."

Today's demonstration was the first lot of community action to be taken by the South Auckland Retail Group who are rallying towards safer working environments for shop owners.

The offenders have pleaded not guilty. Their next court appearance is scheduled to take place at the Manukau District Court on the 24th of May.