Shortage of testing supplies force health workers to turn people back - 7:30am Newsbreak

By Te Ao - Māori News

- Next Tuesday, the country moves to Alert level 3. But the Kohanga Reo National Trust has advised kohanga reo around the country to remain closed.  CEO Angus Hartley says the majority of their workers feel it's still too unsafe to reopen. And their decision has been backed by the Prime Minister.

"The general feedback was that they couldn't open in a safe way for Kohanga to operate," says Angus Hartley.

- East Coast Maori health workers have apologised to people who queued up for hours for COVID-19 testing, after being turned away due to a shortage of testing supplies. The organisation is pleading to the government for assistance.  

- Māori Pool champion Matt Edwards is one the 1000 New Zealanders who have recovered from COVID-19. As the country moves towards level 3 next week, he says people need to remain cautious as they return to work or extend their bubbles.