Shot Bro hits home to Ngapuna locals

Suicide prevention advocate Mike Naera is endorsing the work being done by Rob Mokaraka regarding depression. This weekend Mokaraka performed his play Shot Bro for Ngapuna locals at Hinemihi Marae in Rotorua according to Naera it's a play not for the faint-hearted.

Hitting depression head on, these locals get the truth about the illness.

Naera says, “This play is not for the multitudes because they may fear what this play is showcasing, most don't talk about this illness but in each community we need to talk about depression.”

According to the Mental Health Foundation one in six New Zealand adults may suffer from illnesses like depression.  Rob Mokaraka was one of them.  

“The story behind this play is a story about my personal journey about depression, how I was shot by the police because I had undiagnosed depression and I provoke them to shoot me. I thought I was the only one on this planet living this state of mind and apparently, I'm not and thought this tragedy I've sorted risen up and created a tool for healing.”

Overall the message hit home to the locals of Ngapuna. 

Naera says, “It was a very good play for our youth, families and grandparents exposing the truth.” 

Shot bro heads over to Taranaki performing at Waitara on Tuesday.