Should bars stay open longer for the Rugby World Cup matches?

By Tepara Koti

Despite opposition from the Green Party yesterday against a Bill from the Act Party to allow bars to stay open for Rugby World Cup games, today they welcome a decision from Government to accept their request to bring a responsible Bill to the House.

The Green Party yesterday denied leave for an Act Party Bill that would have allowed every licenced premises in New Zealand to stay open in the morning, during many of the 48 rugby world cup games, regardless of where that pub was, or what previous licensing restrictions it had been subject to.

Bars can already apply for an extension to opening hours for the Rugby World Cup games. 

Labour leader Andrew Little says the law should be broadened to include other national sporting events as well.

“While this is a conscience issue for Labour MPs, I believe mechanisms must be in place so other events of significance such as Netball World Cup finals and the Olympics could be included in the legislation, at the discretion of the Government of the day," says Little.  "For many New Zealanders, pay TV is too expensive and their only opportunity to share in the excitement of Kiwis winning on the world stage is at a public house or with friends."

Prime Minister John Key said while there was some logic in the proposed Bill, Caucus will be discussing the matter today.