Silver Ferns must be ready to combat different teams and styles of play: Dame Noeline Taurua

By Kelvin McDonald

Dame Noeline Taurua made some tough decisions to pick a Commonwealth Games team. She says it is about this tournament first, then the world cup is another team. 

"We've got obviously the Commonwealth Games coming up but also building towards the netball world cup as well. This is only one stage I think of a pinnacle event, which is over the next two years.

"So everyone's got the opportunity to push their case, just depending on what event that links up to."  

Dame Noeline says it is a special time for players chosen to wear the silver fern.

"When you bring a new team together there's always a level of excitement representing your country. I suppose a bit of the unknown, a bit of excitement, anxiousness."  

She is preparing her players to cope with various competitive challenges in Birmingham.

"With having the men that we play up against, you've got the range, the elevation and also you've got the physicality on the ball. Playing against a mixed team, there's obviously a mixture. So our ability to change up our own strategy, but also the opposition is going to be different every time we take the court.

"Playing in the Commonwealth Games, that's what's going to happen in regards to different opposition, different styles and our ability to combat them," Dame Noeline says.