Sir Toby Curtis pushes for urgent hearing

Notable Maori educator Sir Toby Curtis is demanding an urgent hearing before the Waitangi Tribunal on Wai 2770. The claim centres on the closure of Partnership Schools in NZ.

Curtis says the Minister of Education is being unilaterally.

“They need to hurry in order for their report to be released before the minister fully cuts off these schools,” says Curtis.

All existing partnership (Charter) schools were made to apply this year to become part of the wider state school system.

But Curtis says the government needs to put the brakes on.

“It is wrong to close these schools down," says Curtis, "For those who did not attend this system before, they had the idea that they were worthless.” 

Eleven Partnership Schools have been established in New Zealand.  In February this year amendments were made to the Education Act to remove the Partnership School model.

“Our members in parliament have become silent, we have a lot of Māori members as ministers in this government but not one has said a word in support for this.” 

According to the Waitangi Tribunal there is no set date for the claim to be heard.