Six60 fans asked to turn on bluetooth for Hawke's Bay concert

By Te Ao - Māori News
Six60 in concert at Waitangi last weekend.  Photo/ File

With 20,000 fans expected at Six60's Hawke's Bay concert in Hastings tonight, the band and local health officials are encouraging concert-goers to make "summer unstoppable" with a few Covid-19 safety precautions, including enabling Bluetooth on the NZ Covid tracer app.

Six60 made a shout out to fans on Friday in the run-up to this evening's concert, saying "Hastings we can’t wait to jam with you all. See you soon!"

Posted by SIX60 on Friday, 22 January 2021

The message followed their sold-out concert in Waitangi last weekend where the band kicked off its summer tour.

Six60 also made a Covid-19 safety plug in the lead-up to their Hastings concert, suggesting a few 'simple steps', including enabling Bluetooth.

"We want you to have the best experience at our shows this summer," the band said in an online post.

With the number of daily scans down significantly and a big weekend in Hawke’s Bay, medical officer of health, Dr Nick Jones, said visitors and locals need to do their bit to keep Hawke’s Bay Covid free.

“We are fortunate that we can come together in large groups and enjoy events like this, unlike most other parts of the world. We all need to follow the rule for keeping summer unstoppable though and, along with staying away from events if you have any Covid symptoms, making full use of the Covid app is part of the deal.”


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Dr Jones said it is vital people enable the app’s Bluetooth feature if this is possible on their phone.

“While scanning creates a diary record of where you have been, the Bluetooth tracing function is like your phone giving a digital high-five to other nearby phones using the app.

“At a big event this is really important. If a person attending the show turns out to have had Covid at the time, most people attending will have had no contact with the case. The app will help those who may be a close contact by sending a message early on and telling them what to do.

"The record of proximity to another phone (digital high five) is stored on the phone and no information about where you have been, or when, can be seen by anyone else.”

Dr Jones said people should also wash their hands and check whether they need to get a Covid test if they have any symptoms.

“If you’re from out of town and need a test, please don’t wait until you get home,” he said.

With the warm weather set to continue, Dr Jones reminded people to drink enough water to stay hydrated and to cover up in the sun.