A smokefree New Zealand by 2025

By Ani-Oriwia Adds

The lower North Island is cracking down on smoking. A free stop smoking service has been set up to help Wellington, Hutt Valley, Kapiti, Porirua and Wairarapa communities and families to quit smoking. 

Tākiri Mai te Ata is a collective of seven health, education, justice and social service providers, in the Wellington, Porirua and the Hutt Valley regions that have been working together for over 45 years and has been awarded the contract by the Ministry of Health to deliver a Smokefree service for the  Wellington, Hutt Valley, Kapiti, Porirua and Wairarapa regions.

Manager Catherine Manning says the service provides a more intensive, personalised and effective smoke-free support working with whanau and is available to anyone wanting to quit smoking, offering face-to-face and 24-hour phone support. The quit coaches will support you through a 6-week program and provide free nicotine patches, lozenges and/or gum.

“New Zealand has a goal to be smoke-free by 2025 and we’ve been set up to help ensure our communities will get there together. Supports the Government's goal by 2025,” says Catherine Manning and together we will get there not just to achieve the government’s goal but more importantly it’s the best thing you can give your children is “a Smokefree you.”

“When we do a Hongi and we share the hā then what happens with the Tabasco is that we transgress the hā you're sharing that comes through smoking of Tabasco. For our tamariki, we've got to protect our whakapapa, and our tamariki have inherited that habit that has come through the generations. It's time to say enough is enough.

Takiri Mai Te Ata Stop Smoking service is free and tailored to what works best for individuals and the Whanau.

“The first thing we do with our clients is meet with them face-to-face and set a quit date. Once we’ve set a quit date we work intensively with them to help them achieve their goal and support them to remain smoke-free.

“We know trying to give up smoking is hard but with the right support you are much more likely to be successful,” says Catherine Manning

An individual stop smoking programme could include ongoing face-to-face meetings, texting, videoing, skyping, emails, As well as customised support; clients can also access free Nicotine Replacement Therapy patches, gum and lozenges.

Everyone who signs up to start their Smokefree journey by the end of February, and who remains Smokefree for one month, will go into the draw to win one of  Two $250 Pak N Save vouchers.
To start your Smokefree journey with Takiri Mai Te Ata go to www.takirimai.org.nz  or phone 0800 926 257