Snoop Dogg to talk business with Kiwi entrepreneur

The Kiwi owner of The Honeybunch Shop floral and cosmetics is crowdfunding a business concept to present to American rap legend and multimillionaire Snoop Dogg later this week.

Entrepreneur Lisa Jolly says, "I'm off to L.A. on Wednesday and, long story short, I'm actually off to celebrate a birthday bash with Snoop Dogg and his family but, since I met Snoop, I've created this amazing concept."

Jolly owns the international floral and cosmetic brand The Honeybunch Shop and has developed a range called "Soak Dogg" which includes bath bombs, salts and soaks with a hip-hop twist.

"Basically 'Soak Dogg' is a play on words.  He hates Donald Trump so 'Make America Clean Again' and Smokin' Soakin' - obviously Snoop is partial to a little leaf and he's actually been quite proactive in investing in his businesses with other people who have really good ideas in that industry."

Jolly says she met Snoop last year at his family home in Inglewood, Los Angeles and the idea was born.  She's taken to social media in an effort to crowdfund the next step.

She leaves for Los Angeles this Wednesday and will be documenting her progress on Instagram.