Sobering stats: Three Delta records in four days

By Contributor

The latest Covid-19 statistics presented by Māori health researcher Dr Rawiri Taonui, in partnership with Te Ao Māori News.

Record Covid-19 and Delta Cases

  • There are 129 new cases on 22 October.
  • This is the third record for Delta in four days.

Record Māori Cases

  • There are 52 Māori cases.
  • This is a new record for Māori.
  • Māori are the highest cases for the 19th consecutive day.
  • The highest five days of Māori cases during the Delta OutBreak have come in the last nine days.

Māori during Delta Level 3

  • At 44.4% Māori are the highest ethnicity for cases since Auckland went to Level 3 on 22 September.

Maori cases during the wider Delta OutBreak

  • Māori at 30.3% of all cases during the Delta OutBreak, the first day we have been over the 30 percentile.
  • Māori are 23.7% of those hospitalised during the outbreak.
  • Māori are 50% of deaths.

Total Māori Cases since Covid-19 arrived in New Zealand

  • The total of all cases for Māori since Covid-19 first arrived is 16.7%.
  • This is the first time our percentage of all cases matches our demographic.

Covid 19 Delta Cases by Ethnicity 22/10/2021


  • At 43.3% Pacific remain the most impacted ethnicity during the outbreak.
  • This proportion is declining as that for Māori steadily builds.
  • Pacific at 22.3% are the third-highest ethnicity during Level 3.


  • Since Thursday, Pākehā at 37.2% became the second-highest impacted ethnicity went to Level 3 on 22 September.
  • This is a key figure because, given the much higher percentage of Pākehā in Auckland than Māori, this number signals a greater potential for Delta to go exponential.

Noho Haumaru

Dr Rawiri Taonui