Social media platform educates Māori on the importance of politics and voting

By Regan Paranihi

In less than three months the nation will decide who will govern the country and  Te Aupouri descendant Eru Kapa-Kingi has created a platform on social media where he gives a Māori perspective on Politics 101.

He has designed a digital classroom that is simplifying a political world-view and he says it's a space where he hopes to educate Māori on the importance of politics as well as the importance of voting.

"I discuss issues such as MMP and what it means, what the difference is between Parliament and the government. All of those things were not taught to us in high school, therefore, those are just somethings that I've added to this initiative to change the way we think and know about the world that is surrounding us."

Social media is the hub that has many youth users and Kapa-Kingi hopes his new political platform, 'Whakaaro Fridays' will draw the younger generations into the political world.

"I'm a rangatahi and I'm Māori. I can only hope Māori youth will be enticed to chime in on this initiative. That is one of the main purposes, for Māori youth to get an understanding of the importance of the political world."

Over 230,000 youth voted in the last election, and of that 230,000 only 45,503 were Māori.

Filling the gaps

"It's one thing trying to educate my generation on the political worldview that will hopefully give them a greater understanding to vote but, for me, it's about filling in the gaps, as well as providing key and relevant information for them to grasp."

The Whakaaro Friday's saga was developed from a passion Eru holds for politics.

"Its main purpose is to discuss political issues that are affecting Māori in today's society and the importance of your vote and what it will mean at this yea's election."

New episodes will be published every Friday on Facebook as the election gets closer.