Social prevention advocate aims to develop Māori families

According to Herewini Jones, expert in social prevention, we have the answers within us to address problems within our family arenas that are affecting the way we live.

These are some of his teachings he presented today to those who work within our communities helping our families find a better life.

It's a low key meeting but its focus is to help dysfunctional Māori families who are vulnerable to gangs, drugs and alcohol. 

Herewini Jones is known for his international work with First Nations peoples; today he is in the Western Bay of Plenty presenting his case to these social workers. 

What we do know is that Maori statistics in relation to health, crime and education are high.  But what can we do about it?

The use of the harakeke plan to inspire Maori families has been continually used, but when is it the right time for a Māori family to begin to help themselves?

For most of those here who have worked with youth and families, the reality of the situation is that once a family is ready to change, that's when the real work begins in lifting the blame and taking on the responsibility.