Solving NZ's family violence crisis

New Zealand has the highest rate of reported violence towards women in the developed world with NZ Police attending a family violence-related call out every four minutes. Is enough being done at a government level to solve this issue?

MP Jan Logie says men's violence towards women is at national crisis level.

"They're talking about 118,000 police call-outs, we know that one every four minutes is the last I've seen.  Every one of those phone calls is a whānau, these are people who we love and care for and one is too many.  Let's stop this."

Logie’s main job is to end domestic violence.  Her biggest achievement so far is legislation allowing victims of family violence to take leave from work.  However, White Ribbon ambassador Richie Hardcore says change must start at a community level.

"I'm mindful that we've got really good legislation in place now which is going to hopefully help turn the tide of family violence that we have, but ultimately it's about changing our communities and our cultural values when it comes to gender inequality."

And with the launch of the annual White Ribbon campaign, every day men are being encouraged to stand up and challenge violence.

“It's cool to be here today and actually see men now coming and standing alongside us as well because if we all stand together there's no place for this violence," says Logie.

The focus now is collaboration across government agencies and a national family violence prevention strategy is in the pipelines.