Sons of Zion set to take America by storm

Reggae band Sons of Zion are set to take America by storm, with a six-week mid-year tour of the West Coast before heading to Asia.  

It's the bands biggest tour to date, but they won't be leaving until their latest album is complete.

Almost 10 years since their New Zealand debut gig, Sons of Zion have gone from strength to strength and now they're set to conquer America.

Singer Rio Panapa says, "It's huge it's everything that you've put your heart and soul into.  We've been doing music our whole life and these are the fruits of our work."

The boys found New Zealand chart success with hits like Good Love and Tell Her.  But their music style continues to evolve as they work to release their third album.

Matt Sadgrove says, "There's a lot more influences in this one, some Soul, Motown R&B and we're not just writing what people would expect from us, we're expressing ourselves a lot more on the record and what we might be feeling at the time, it's really eclectic."

The band formed out of friendships made by attending church and their values and beliefs help keep them grounded.

Panapa says, "We've all been brought up with good parents and they quickly bring us down if we try to float off and we pull each other back down, and we were friends before we were a band and we don't let our heads get in the clouds."

The boys will tour with Rebel SoulJahz.  But in the meantime they'll be laying the final touches to their album due out February 11.