South Auckland boys express their musical opportunities

By Taroi Black

Two young boys from the Otara Music Art Centre have invested 7 years into violin and music. Last month, we featured their program called Sistema Aotearoa to celebrate NZ music month. However, this month they will take part in a prestigious event that marks 30 years for their music centre.

Viliami Hoeft says, "Anything is possible and coming from Otara people like tell you that you come from a low-income place."

This month marks 30 years of the Otara Music Arts Centre. Viliami has been playing here for the past six years.

"It's just growing and growing. And that's what I love about living in Otara. This place is multi-cultural.”

Every week after school, he teams up with his close friend Apitanga Tukoafu who’s a founding member of Sistema Aotearoa. An initiative that's part of upskilling young kids from vulnerable communities to play the violin.

Apitanga Tukoafu says, "Yeah I want to continue playing the violin so I can learn more and become a superstar.”

Viliami said he watched Sheku Kanneh-Mason perform at the Royal Wedding at Windsor Castle last month.

"Yeah I watched it live and I was like, mmm yep that could be me. I could probably do better but that could be me”, Viliami said.

Under the tutorship of Jess Hindin, a world-class violinist, they've taken part in various events including performing with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

"Having your family there with you feeling really proud and that moment of feeling proud and after your family shouts you Mcdonalds."

As part of 30 years, they will perform alongside Che Fu's dad Tigilau Ness.