South Auckland iwi want a say in 10,000 new home build

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

Local South Auckland tribe Te Ākitai o Waiōhua are keen to have a seat at the table following the government's plan to build 10,000 new homes in Māngere. 

One-third of the homes will be KiwiBuild and one-third state.

Local iwi want a say in the new development to replace 2,700 worn-out state homes with 10,000 new homes.

“This is just the start to ensure that we are at the table to plan and also discuss how we can work together,” says spokesperson David Wilson-Takaanini.

“Because we know the history and all the significant chiefs of the area.”

The new build will comprise of 3,500 KiwiBuild and affordable homes, 3,000 state homes, and 3,500 market homes.

“We're also looking at specific ways we can work with iwi and other Māori organisations to make sure that whānau Māori get a fair shot at the KiwiBuild homes,” says Housing and Urban Development Minister, Phil Twyford.

The development by Housing New Zealand subsidiary HLC on 1,200 hectares of land is expected to be completed over the next 15 years.

“We're very keen to make sure that the homes here, built in Māngere, are available first to those that live in Māngere or work in Māngere or are manawhenua or iwi links,” says HCL Precinct Director, Mark Fraser.

Earthworks are already underway in Māngere for the first lot of homes.

66 state homes will be built on this side of Cessna Place and a mix of around 100 market and affordable homes across the road.

The building of the state homes will begin in August and families are expected to move in by mid-next year, with the KiwiBuild and affordable completed at the end of 2019.