South Auckland school fears wider community transmission

By Tumamao Harawira

A Manurewa school principal has revealed two staff members have been tested for the highly transmissible UK variant of the Coronavirus following a weekend function with staff from Papatoetoe Highschool.

Māhia Nathan said, "I had just finished a meeting with my staff, and found out that some of my staff were at a function with some staff from Papatoetoe on Saturday." 

 "No matter what, you two should go and get tested just so you know," Nathan told the staff members.

 "If you are positive, you won't know if you don't get tested," he told them.

The community transmission fears come after three new confirmed cases lockdown Auckland today until midnight Wednesday. Three family members from Papatoetoe tested positive yesterday on Sunday, 14 February. One of them, a teenage girl, attends Papatoetoe High School

But Papatoetoe High School principal, Vaughn Couillault, believes people shouldn't be worried about the spread to other areas outside of the school.

"There is obviously a level of anxiety around the unanswered questions and, as time goes by, more of those questions get answered."

Couillault said his main focus was to calm students' nerves while the school faces intense scrutiny.

"I know that the young lady in question was infectious and onsite for one day and so it's quite limited, and it was a normal school day so there wasn't any school assemblies or big school events where everyone was mushed in together."

If you have symptoms please go to the Covid-19 website ( to find your nearest testing station.