Special Anzac Day treat for Hamilton MIQ returnees

By Te Ao - Māori News
Photo / File

Returnees and staff at the Jet Park MIQ Hotel in Hamilton were treated to a special Anzac Day this morning.

Robert, the hotel’s groundsman, who has been working there for several years, played the Last Post today for the 33 returnees isolating at the facility on Anzac Day.

He has been playing the trumpet since he was 12 years old, however, stopped when he was at university. But thanks to some gentle encouragement from his workmates, he was persuaded to polish up his skills for this year's Anzac.

“Robert took up the trumpet again a few months ago and so we had the idea for him to practise the Last Post for Anzac Day. He’s been practising for six weeks now,” said Jet Park Hamilton hotel manager David latu.

The hotel kitchen prepared its famous Belgian hot chocolate and Anzac biscuits for the returnees, and a supply of poppies from the local RSA and art activities from MIQ headquarters were expected to also be on hand.

Staff on duty will have a special lunch and dinner today.