Special votes leave National Party in a pickle

The special votes have officially been counted and it's not looking good for National who has lost a seat, leaving them with 60 seats.

Losing this seat means that it can no longer govern on its own, that seat has now instead gone to the Green Party thus delivering them another MP which increases their number of MPs to 14.

The special votes has seen the Māori Party boost its party vote from 1.29% to 1.32%, confirming Marama Fox's place in Parliament.

According to Te Ururoa Flavell, “It's a good result for us, this special vote count for Marama Fox, because now we're able to pave a future.”

While on election night National did have the outright majority, the loss of the seat means it will now have to depend on Act, United Future and the Māori Party, so if National wants to pass legislation it will need their help.

The Māori Party is also expected to announce its supply and confidence agreement with National tomorrow afternoon.