Spending time in nature promotes mental health

Rotorua Mental Health advocate Kingi Biddle is supporting the findings from the Mental Health Foundation which indicate that spending time in nature has a positive impact on the mental health of a person.

The findings were released in preparation to Mental Health Week next month.

30 minutes a day walking near Lake Rotorua helps Biddle cope with the pressures of life.

“Nature symbolises calmness because it's a place of peace,” says Biddle.

After speaking out about how depression affected him, Biddle helps others in Rotorua.

“When it hit me, I was unaware of my surroundings, I was completely in the dark and that scared me.  This is a different kind of darkness.” 

Biddle says that depression comes in many forms and it is important for people to talk about it. 

“The help is here, do not feel ashamed.” 

Mental Health Awareness week is held on the 8-14th of October.