Trans – Tasman Touch Final Open Womens

Regardless of previous losses New Zealand wanted to end the competition on a high and from the start, Australia showed they came to win, but New Zealand were also chasing the glory.

Māori player, Keisha Grant, showed her speed, but just missed out on a try in the first few minutes.

Australia's second attempt at the line was a success and it’s defence line was tough.

While Grant broke away and managed to score a try her team didn't have long to celebrate with Australia scoring again in their corner.

Grant was on fire making great intercepts and scoring a try helping New Zealand stay in the game.

Both sides were fighting tooth and nail equalising scores before half time.

However Australia came out guns blazing in the second half scoring two tries in the left and right corners and taking the lead 5-3.

Despite New Zealand scrambling back and scoring another try they couldn’t equal the Australian team who had spent over a year training together.

So the Trans Tasman women's champs were Australia in the end with a final score of 6-4.