U18 AFL athletes put to the test

By Tamati Tiananga

The best 40 U18 athletes from the AFL NZ High Performance programme gathered today in Wellington to test their jumping, running and agility skills, and the test results will be supplied to AFL club recruiters to consider.

At 16 years old, standing at 6ft 5in with immense skill, Terei Clark (Ngāti Wai) has been identified as a future star in the making.

Clark aims to be noticed by the Sydney Swans recruiter.

Out of the 18 professional AFL clubs, 10 are here looking for talent.

According to AFL National and International manager Kevin Sheehan, “What we have seen are some very athletic performances, we have been testing Australia for over twenty years and only internationally for the last three.”

Sheehan adds many of today's participants have the ability to play AFL professionally.