Tonga wins over Samoa

Tongans here in NZ, Australia and in their home country will still be celebrating after their win against the Samoan national team last night in Sydney.  Both teams were packed with NRL stars, and former Kiwi, Roy Asotasi, led the Samoan side but that wasn't enough, as they succumbed to Tonga: 4-36.

It took just four minutes for the first try to be scored, Langi beat off three defenders to get across the line.  Tonga dominated possession and could smell another try coming.  Foster timed a great pass for Likiliki to score.

It took 27 minutes for the favourites, Samoa, to score so Tonga had the 10-4 lead at half-time.

It was Tonga that showed form in the second half with Likiliki again crossing the try line.  Tonga wasn't finished there.  They kept scoring tries, easily opening up Samoa's defence.

Samoa may have been the favourites but it was the underdogs, Tonga, who thrashed their opponents with a 36-4 win, putting them in good footing as they prepare for the Rugby League World Cup later this year.

Reporter:  Rahia Timutimu