St Stephens alumni discuss re-opening school

Many of those students gathered at Auckland's Church of the Holy Sepulchre to bring together ideas on how another great Anglican school for young Māori men could be established again.

It’s estimated the cost to reopen the school will amount to millions, but a member of the board says the time is right to achieve just that.

Yesterday, scholars of St Stephen's came together to put forward their thoughts on how the new school might look. They believe the time is right to revive another great school for young Māori men of this country.

However, it is a new era, and a new school wouldn't be like the old St Stephen's which was closed down due to what was documented as financial issues, under-performance and bullying.

So the discussions of past pupils will contribute to the study of the Feasibility Working Group to reopen both St Stephen's and its sister school, Queen Victoria.

So the question still remains, where will the financial backing for the school come from and will the Ministry of Education support the plan?