Stacey Morrison's reo podcast a major success

By Jessica Tyson

The podcast series created by te reo Māori advocate Stacey Morrison this week has proved a major success after being rated second on Apple Podcasts.

The podcast named Up To Speed includes 10 episodes of short podcasts to teach Māori language phrases and words often heard in media and in public addresses, says Morrison.

“I’ve taken audio clips from things like the Covid pressers. I’ve taken little bits from radio, from TV, from different interviews. One is about dialects and so I’ve let the iwi speak to how their dialect is supposed to be said.”

One phrase is "he waka eke noa­" which means “we're all in this together,” which is often said by members of Parliament.

“It's an easy listen. You will hear words and phrases used in the context of the media or an event so that you can make the association in your mind. This will help with understanding a little more about what's being said," Morrison says.

The podcast launched on Monday this week as part of Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, Māori Language Week. Today it is rated number two on Apple Podcasts. Morrison says she's surprised.

“I hadn’t expected that and anyone who has put out a resource particularly in te reo Māori or for te reo Māori will know that sometimes it's picked up and sometimes it isn’t but I always think there’s one person who takes it to heart, learns something from it and ma te aha tēnā. That’s enough for me.”

Each podcast is about six minutes long and can be found on NZME's iHeart platform.