"Started from a Vine now we here" – Jimi Jackson

By Te Ao Māori News
Jimi Jackson - Photo / Jimi Jackson facebook fan page

Māori comedian Jimi Jackson has fast become an internet sensation with his witty videos, he has now kicked off his nationwide tour and is embarking on making a movie.

With a camera in hand, Jackson began uploading short video clips known as "Vines" to You Tube, Facebook and Instagram two years ago with his own take on Kiwi humour.

His unique style and explicit language has attracted more than 340,000 followers on Facebook, and over 980,000 views on You Tube.

Jackson's debut tour show, "Let's Talk Sh*t", has been running throughout March and continues into April across small town NZ.  Click here for more details.

Opening each show is the popular modern Māori dance crew, Jgeeks, who are often seen in collaboration videos with Jackson.  The show portrays a unique outlook on what it's like to be Māori in the world today, and there are plans to tour parts of Australia.

The adventure doesn’t stop here for the 22-year-old.  Jackson is also embarking on a movie career playing "Riko", the lead character in a film being directed and produced by Shae Sterling, and includes another upcoming Māori comedian, Jojo Waaka (Te Arawa), as "Jacinta".

Sterling and Jackson have a Kickstarter page to help raise funds for the movie to be filmed in its entirety.  Donations to the film and teaser trailer can be found here.

There's no doubt Jackson has a long-lasting career ahead of him.