Stretched services call for more funding

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

Auckland Women’s Refuge are calling for more government funding to ensure they can adequately assist the thousands affected by family violence. 

Advocacy Supporter Megan Grace says Christmas is the busiest time of the year for Women’s Refuges and resources are stretched.

A mother and victim of family violence who doesn’t want to be identified says she’s very grateful for Women’s Refuge.

“We were actually taken out of our home and put into the safe-house,” she says.

“They supported us through Christmas, helped with Christmas presents and food, and making us feel more comfortable.”

For three years Te Whare o Ngā Tumanako Safe-house in West Auckland has been running help programmes with no government support.

“Besides funding, we want recognition for the initiatives we provide to help the families,” says Grace, “such as understanding around what is violence? What is abuse? What are some strategies to change those attitudes and violent behaviour?”

To date, 5000 women and children have sought help at Women's Refuge's across the country this summer.

However, Grace says that number is expected to increase.

“Every year we have more families coming to us,” she says.

“And a lot of youth are starting to ask for help, so, 16-year-old's are seeking our help.”

Megan says regardless they will continue to help families of violence.