Students stand strong on climate change

By Tema Hemi

The voice of  New Zealand's youth was realised today as politicians encountered thousands of students who marched to parliament grounds to express their concerns on climate change and its use of fossil fuels. 

Students want action to move the country off fossil fuels and on to renewable energy. Donna Huata leads the fight on climate change for Māori as the Māori Climate Commissioner.

Some projections predict that by the end of this century New Zealand will experience higher rainfalls, more frequent extreme weather events, rising sea levels and higher temperatures.

Māori Climate Commissioner Donna Huata says, "Who knew three weeks ago when we were worried if we'd get ten or twenty and now we've got over thirty sights in the country where there are marches happening today. Rangatahi are sending a message to their elders, get on with it! "

Don't play politics with this issue. National has been backtracking and have already set us back ten years with their selling of the carbon credits during their time. This government is trying to pick it up."

Some students who spoke to us said, "I would like them (the government) to improve on making buses more efficient so we don't have to use our cars and use up more petrol."

Another says, "we just want the earth to be a better place for our future generations and for the rangatahi of today."

And another student had this to say, "I believe we have to change climate change and think about our future."