Stuff apologises for using picture of Marae in story about alleged sexual assault

updated By Heta Gardiner

Stuff has apologised for using an image of Te Whare Rūnanga in Waitangi in a story about an alleged sexual assault. Stuff was reporting on a court case of an alleged assault of a police officer by a fellow officer in a motel, but the image used was of Te Whare Rūnanga.  

Stuff said when contacted by Te Ao Māori News, “The image of *the marae was initially included as a stock photo to reflect that the police officers were assigned to cover Waitangi Day events. We realised it was giving an inaccurate impression and removed it last night. We apologise for any offence that image selection caused.”

The image has been removed from Stuff's website.

More to come.

*NB: This article originally stated the image as Te Tii Marae, which has since been corrected to Te Whare Rūnanga.